Care & Handling

How do I care for Fresh Florals? 

Your fresh arrangement is perishable and should be kept in a cool climate/environment, avoiding heat and direct sunlight. Do not attempt to remove the florals, as they are firmly secured in floral foam for maximum hydration. However, you may mist your flowers with water starting on day two or you may use up to a tea cup every other day from the middle of the box, if additional watering is required. Once your flowers have wilted, you can reuse your lovely box. 


How do I care for LVeR Bouquets and Arrangements in vases?

Bouquets will need to be placed in a vessel with water after they are presented to you. 


Arrangements in vases:

Flowers are perishable and require care to maximize their life. We recommend checking their water level and switching out every other day. Additionally, clipping at a 45 degree angle.


How do I care for my Everlasting  Roses? (Preserved Roses)

Everlasting  Roses are preserved roses. Therefore, the roses DO NOT require water under any circumstances, but should be kept in a cool climate/environment, avoiding direct sunlight. Please do not place anything on top of the roses or attempt to remove the roses from their box. As all Everlasting Roses are REAL flowers, there may be variations between roses. However, this will not impact the lifespan of your roses, but that each flower is organic in shape and size. 


What are Everlasting  Roses?

Everlasting Roses are sourced from Ecuador. They are REAL roses that are delicately cultivated until full bloom. They are treated with a special patented formula to preserve the roses. With our Everlasting  Roses you not only have the benefit of enjoying these roses for a year or longer with proper care, but you can also enjoy the lovely scent longer than you would with traditional roses.