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Everlasting Roses

REAL roses that are preserved to last a year or longer. Our Everlasting collection features Ecuadorian roses, allowing one to enjoy all year round, without the maintenance of adding water. Along, with enjoying the lovely scent longer than you would with traditional roses. Featured in a variety of acrylic and hat boxes. 

9 products

9 products

Everlasting/Eternity Rose Arrangements

La Vie En Rose is a luxury florist in Houston, offering stunning, stylish, and sustainable everlasting rose arrangements. La Vie En Rose helps customers commemorate special occasions and express romantic gestures with natural, real preservable roses that will last up to one year. La Vie En Rose has the most beautiful everlasting roses from Houston, each hand-selected according to the customer's interests, making each arrangement unique and special. Whether you want a unique gift for your partner or something simply beautiful to decorate a room or occasion, La Vie En Rose's everlasting arrangements are sure to add an elegant touch of grace and sophistication wherever they are placed.

Everlasting Rose Delivery Houston, TX

La Vie En Rose is a luxury florist specializing in providing everlasting rose delivery to Houston, Texas, and its many surrounding areas. La Vie En Rose prides itself on offering the highest-quality, long-lasting roses available. Our collection of roses has been carefully curated to ensure the most beautiful blooms for our clients. We understand that special occasions call for only the best flowers, so La Vie En Rose ensures that every bouquet of roses sent through our delivery service is unique and eye-catching. Whether you're searching for a perfect gift for an individual or want to make a grand gesture, La Vie En Rose's everlasting rose delivery in Houston will always be above expectations.

Everlasting roses are a luxurious gift that, as the name implies, can last for a surprisingly long time. Although no flower will last forever, everlasting roses can remain in bloom for up to three years when cared for properly. To get the most out of your everlasting roses, keep them in a cool and dry area, avoid direct sunlight and mist them regularly to nourish the petals. In addition, re-cut the stems every week or two and replenish the water to help these unique blooms stay vibrant throughout the year. With only minimal effort required to maintain their beauty and charm, everlasting roses are ideal if you want to give someone a special present they can enjoy for months - even years - to come.
Many people may think that eternity roses and everlasting roses offer the same type of gift, but in reality, they are quite different. Eternal roses are a unique way to give a gift as they are flowers preserved in a lacquer shell, which gives them their characteristic shine and color. On the other hand, everlasting roses specialize in long-lasting arrangements with colors ranging from pink, blue, and even black. Both of these flower types offer luxurious gifts that will last for many weeks and show your loved one how much you care.
Everlasting roses are a fantastic way to brighten up any environment, and the good news is that they come in a wide range of colors. From deep blues to muted violets, these stunning blooms come in every hue imaginable, allowing you to decorate any room with a splash of bold color. The great thing about these roses is that without water or sunlight, their naturally vibrant tones hold for months at a time, making them ideal for those who don't have the time or resources to care for traditional flowers. For anyone looking for long-lasting beauty with little maintenance, everlasting roses are the way to go!
Everlasting roses are a unique type of flower that can last for years, in some cases seemingly defying the laws of nature! These blooms may look identical to traditional roses, but scientists have determined they are not real rose varieties. Instead, they are made with high-grade silicon and treated with special preservatives, so they don't suffer from spoilage like natural roses typically do. While they might not be true roses, everlasting roses provide the same visual pleasure and pleasing fragrance that come along with fresh-cut flowers. Though they require no watering or pruning, in many ways, these artificial alternatives mimic their real-life counterparts in beauty - giving any room an elegant, classic feel almost instantaneously.