Hold me close and hold me tight the magic spell you cast

This is La Vie en Rose Company

La Vie en Rose Company is a luxurious floral boutique, specializing in Fresh and Everlasting floral arrangements. Centrally located in Houston, LVeR provides the city's only scented Everlasting Roses. Offering Everlasting Roses in twenty colors, featured in a multitude of boxes and sizes. Delivering to the greater Houston area and proudly shipping nationwide.

Nationwide Shipping

Everlasting Roses

Luxury starts here, with REAL roses that are preserved to last a year or longer. Our Everlasting Collection features real Ecuadorian roses, allowing one to enjoy all year round, without the maintenance of adding water. Along, with enjoying the fragrant roses throughout, as one would with traditional roses. Featured in a variety of acrylic and hat boxes.