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      Birthday Flowers Houston: Same Day Delivery

      La Vie En Rose, located in Houston, Texas, is the perfect source for luxury floral arrangements for that special someone's birthday. Our expert florists will create exquisite and distinct arrangements tailored to your needs. From classic modern bouquets to specialties like air plants and everlasting roses, La Vie En Rose has something to represent every momentous occasion. With the freshest flowers available from the local farmers' market and their commitment to customer service, La Vie En Rose is the ideal choice for birthday flowers for your friends or loved ones living in Houston.

      7 products

      7 products

      Birthday Flower Arrangements

      La Vie En Rose offers a luxurious floral experience in the heart of Houston. Located between Downtown and Midtown, La Vie En Rose provides the ultimate birthday arrangements with only the finest, freshest flowers. Their signature arrangement is a bouquet of everlasting roses, which stay fresh for up to one year and serve as an elegant statement piece for any home or office. For those looking for an extra special touch for their celebrations, La Vie En Rose also provides custom arrangements tailored to perfection with every customer's unique vision in mind. From classic designs to modern elegance and everything in between, La Vie En Rose's team of talented florists will ensure your next special occasion is one to remember.

      Birthday Flower Delivery Houston, TX

      La Vie En Rose is Houston, TX's premier flower delivery service. Our exquisite floral arrangements are crafted from only the freshest flowers, perfect for any special occasion. We take pride in providing luxury flower selections with same-day delivery. Whether you're celebrating someone's birthday or just sending a token of appreciation, La Vie En Rose has the perfect bouquet for any event. We even offer unique everlasting roses that stay fresh and beautiful for up to one year after sending. La Vie En Rose is proud to be your Houston area choice for birthday flower delivery!

      Best Birthday Flowers for Each Month

      Birthdays are special occasions that should include thoughtful gifts, and a great way to show your affection on someone's big day is with flowers. While the traditional flower given to celebrate birthdays is a bouquet of red roses, a wide variety of other flowers could also be used each month. March boasts bright purple irises, while April has cheerful daisies. Sunflowers signify luck in August, and gerbera daisies as multi-colored blooms add an autumnal tone in September. Orange and yellow chrysanthemums stand out during October, and November brings a festive burst of color with kale and poinsettia plants. Lilies grace December while tulips get extra attention in January and February--perfect for when the world needs a little more warmth at those chilly times of the year. No matter which time of year the birthday falls in, flowers bring cheer to mark the event!


      Everlasting roses are the perfect way to say "Happy Birthday"! Gorgeous and long-lasting, everlasting roses add a special touch to any birthday celebration. Unlike traditional flowers that quickly wilt within days or even hours, everlasting roses can last for up to three years --the same beautiful blooms you give will last as a timeless reminder of your thoughtfulness and care. Furthermore, everlasting roses come pre-arranged in various colors and sizes, ready to gift your loved one on their special day. So this year, choose everlasting roses to send your best wishes and bring smiles to birthdays near or far!
      Choosing a birthday flower can be a lot of fun, and there are always many different options to choose from, depending on the time of year. Some people like to pick their birth month's flower, such as Chrysanthemums for September or Poppies for June. Yet others prefer everlasting roses, especially if their loved one has a significant birthday coming up that calls for something extra special. Everlasting roses last for over a year and come in an array of bright and vibrant colors that symbolize happiness and joy. Whether you opt for everlasting roses or your birth month flower, the important thing is that you'll be giving everlasting beauty that will show your thoughtfulness.
      Everyone loves receiving gifts on their birthday, and flowers are always a great choice! They may not last forever, but everlasting roses certainly add a special touch. Not only do everlasting roses convey feelings of love and appreciation, but they also last up to three years with the correct care. Giving everlasting roses as a gift is perfect for anyone who likes to keep things around that remind them of special occasions, making them an incredibly thoughtful present to receive.