Positive Vibes: Opalite
Positive Vibes: Opalite
Positive Vibes: Opalite
Positive Vibes: Opalite
Positive Vibes: Opalite

Positive Vibes: Opalite

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Pairing the femininity and elegance of the rose with the spirituality and glamour of crystal jewelry. Get ready to raise the vibration of your home & body.

OPALITE is the crystal of Venus, the goddess of Love! She represents beauty, creativity, love and hope! Opalite is said to stabilize mood swings and helps to overcome tiredness. Emotionally, Opalite helps by assisting during transitions of all kinds. Let the positive vibes flow.

Wear this delicate bracelet to heal and align all of your chakras, elevate your aura, manifest love and beauty, inside and out, enhance your creativity.

This bracelet comes with a butterfly charm that symbolizes the beautiful evolution of life.

AFFIRMATION: My passionate, loving spirit fulfills me. I am open to share my heart with the world


With our Everlasting Roses you not only have the benefit of enjoying these roses for a year or longer but you can also enjoy the lovely scent longer than you would with traditional roses.

All of our arrangements are uniquely handmade by our in-house designers.

Please allow 2 business days to design your order or call our boutique for availability 281.896.7344.

Arrangement includes:

  • 1 premium scented Ecuadorian Everlasting Rose
  • 1 Opalite crystal bracelet by Love Ashlina Jewelry
  • LVeR custom acrylic box
  • Care instructions
  • Luxe stationery for your message 

Care: Please follow care instructions. Instructions are provided with each arrangement or please look on our website under customer service to find our Care & Handling page. 

Disclaimer: As all Eternity/ Everlasting Roses are REAL flowers, there may be variations between roses. However, this will not impact the lifespan of your roses, but that each flower is organic in shape and size. Please follow care instructions.

Please visit our DELIVERY & SHIPPING page for details on delivery rates and  policies.